The Rangers

"In defence of galactic exploration,
expansion and freedom for all humankind."

- UECR Motto

"Not just the criminal or rich ones. "
- Unofficial addition to the motto

  • When a new space race between corporations in the early 22nd century became heated, leading to violence and deaths in orbit of Earth and on the surface of the Moon, the United Earth Government created and deployed the Colonial Rangers to take full control of Earth's orbit and to bring peace and order to the Moon.
  • The UECR achieved this quickly but at great cost to relations between the UEG and the corporations. The UECR took control of a number of key corporate facilities and only once agreements were met for the martial authority of the Rangers to continue, was corporate business in space able to resume with any kind of real profitability.
  • Beyond the Moon, conflict in and between various corporate operations and colonies continues and the Rangers are always busy bringing law, order and peace to where-ever it is needed in the solar system.

Exomech Colonial Ranger Marines
Gravbike Scouter Drone Colonial Ranger Marshalls
UECR Brute



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